Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School!!

Where has time gone?! It seems just yesterday, we were finally bringing Abbi home from the hospital...and today we brought her to her first day of pre-kindergarten! She was so excited, as was I. Lexi was sad... her favorite playmate was gone!

Abbi greeted me this morning in only her panties, ready to jump in the shower... and surprisingly, her enthusiasm never wavered. I helped her into her classroom and then asked, "Are you ready for me to leave?" and she said, "Yup!" I was so proud of her.

The only sore point of the day was after we picked Abbi up, while walking to the car we were nearly run over as the mom of a schoolmate backed out of her parking spot. Not a good way for that mom to make new friends!

In other news, Millie is 4 months old!!! Yay!

Many more pictures to come... its been a hectic, fun summer.

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  1. Abbi is so cute! She's growing up so fast. Let's but them in jars and keep 'em small forever. Or we can just look at the pictures after their grown. *sigh* Wish i'd had a girl. The boys don't like wearing frilly socks. =D