Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy bees...

So, we're nearing the end of a week full of doctors' appointments.

Tuesday, I had my 6 week OB follow-up. All clear! Yay! Another unnecessary (but appreciated) apology from Dr. Cannon, and Dr. Siegel got to meet Amelia, too!

Wednesday, Amelia had her first occupational therapy appointment at the Children's Memorial Hospital rehab facility in Westchester. Her therapist, Gina, was such a nice lady. She taught me some ways to get Amelia to use her right arm more... I am supposed to mimic her the movements of her left arm with her right arm. So, if she is lifting her left arm, lift her right arm; if she is chewing on her left hand, bring her right hand to her mouth. I need to get her to recognize her right arm more... one of the ways to do this is to stroke her face and touch her mouth with her right hand. I also need to focus on tummy time. Because she hasn't been able to do tummy time until now, its very important to make it a big part of her awake-time. 50% of her awake-time, to be exact! She hated it the first time, but has done well on my last few attempts. The girls accompanied me to the appointment and enjoyed playing on the physical therapy tools - mats, pillows, and other "gymnastic" type materials. Gina was so patient with the girls being in there and playing rowdy... I was very impressed.

Today, Amelia had her 1 month well-baby checkup with Dr. M (although she is 6 weeks TOMORROW!). She is 10lb 15oz! My big girl. She is now 22 3/4". Dr. M said she is perfect. I knew that... No shots this time!

So, we'll be doing therapy appointments biweekly at first. That may change following our appointment with the brachial plexus appoinment next week, but that's the plan for the time being. And we'll follow up with Dr. M in another 4 weeks (shots! OUCH!).

In the meantime, I need to also schedule dentist appointments for Russ, Abbi, Lexi and myself. I'm not going to embarrass myself and admit how long it was been... I also need to schedule an eye appoinment for myself... And did I mention I return to work next week?!

Things are picking up!! Summer has barely begun (technically, its not even summer yet) and I already feel overwhelmed, like I'm going to miss it!!!!

On a happier note, Amelia's personality has really begun to emerge. She is a sweet, sweet baby. Today she smiled and my heart almost exploded. Her eyes just light up and her whole face smiles. She loves to talk and coo...even when she's whining, its adorable. And she has so much energy...

I'm a lucky mom. That's for sure!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its finally summer!

Although it is a chilly 50-something degrees right now and very wet out, the weather is finally warming up. Sunday was the nicest, warmest day we've had in a while, so we took advantage of it and headed to the Campton Hills Splash Park in St. Charles. I LOVE that place. For $3 per child (parents and babies are free) we get to splash in the water (geysers and fountains, dump buckets and sprays, all on a soft foam floor), play in the sand, and lounge. RELAX. Now that Abbi & Lexi are old enough to play alone in the sand, I sit on a lounge chair with Amelia and read, people-watch, and just chill.

It was also Amelia's first time out in a summer outfit. Cutie patootie! I love when she can show off her chubby arms and legs! She loved laying in the warm breeze.

Oh no!!! Lexi has "caught" whatever Abbi has... the performing and posing "bug"... I'd be worried, but as a photographer, I'm just going to enjoy her willingness to be in front of the camera for now!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Brachial plexus program overview - Children's Memorial Hospital (Chicago, IL)

A little bit of information on Amelia's injury...

Orthopaedic surgery/Sports and rehabilitative medicine - Brachial plexus program overview - Children's Memorial Hospital (Chicago, IL)

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Amelia is one month old today. So hard to believe, but true!!! She's starting to smile at us and makes lots of cute noises... coos and goos and whatnot. And as of today, she is no longer broken! Yay! Her fractured arm is healed.

We met with the pediatric orthopedist today and she took an x-ray that showed Amelia's arm to be healing nicely, so we no longer have to immobilize her more pins, and she can start wearing onesies and short sleeved tops! WOO HOO!! We also got to see the original x-rays from the day she was born and all I can say is thank goodness I didn't see the x-rays at that time... we learned today that it was a 38 degree break. Yup... the bones were at a 38 degree angle. OUCH.

What's next? Well, we'll be starting physical therapy as soon as we get the go ahead from the doctor we saw today, and then we'll need to see a brachial plexus specialist at Children's Memorial Hospital. She told us that we'd be hard pressed to find a better doctor in this specialty in the Midwest. Thank goodness I stayed with my hospital throughout all 3 pregnancies... I always hoped not to need their affiliation with CMH, but I'm thankful for it.

Dr. Carl was unable to give us much information about Amelia's particular brachial plexus injury, but I've done a little bit of reading and I'm optimistic. I'm anxious to see how she responds to the therapy and what movement we'll see now that her arm is no longer immobile.

Tomorrow, I plan to take a picture of Amelia with her free arm! I'm so excited!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Prima Ballerina

Yesterday was Abbi's dance recital. What a night!! Enrolling her in ballet is one of the best things we've done, for her AND for us!!! She truly enjoys it and she is GOOD. good can a 4-year-old be?! Well, she pays attention and she actually did the whole dance. While the other girls looked lost throughout the recital, Abbi knew almost all the moves. We were so proud. And she was so dang cute in her costume! She looked so grown up, yet so childish at the same time. It was completely precious...

So, I took a ton of pictures (through tear-filled eyes!) and hope to post a video of the dance once I figure out how to do so... please forgive the lack of quality in these photos. I was shooting without flash from row R... not ideal!

So, while viewing the photos, you can hum "Rainbow Connection" if you'd like... (one of my all-time favorite songs!)

At the beginning, all but 2 of the girls waited for the teacher to tell them to jump. Only Abbi & Madison knew when to jump up on their own. Awesome jumping, Abbi!!! (She's the 4th from the left, if you can't tell).

My favorite part of the dance - reach up and grab a star...

...and put it in your pocket. (Makes more sense when you see the complete action).

wrapping it up... "the lovers"...

..."the dreamers"...

..."and me"...

She held the final pose until the lights fell and the girls were retrieved by the teacher.

Walking back out to take a bow before the final curtain call...
Abbi is the 2nd dancer from the right.

Thank you to Auntie C for coming and bringing Abbi flowers! Thank you to Heidi & Matt for coming too! It meant so much to all of us!

And finally, a picture of Abbi & her best friend from the class, Sarah.

I can't wait until next year! Creative dance 2 for Abbi, and possibly Small Fry Combo for Tots for Lexi (the only class we have found for 2 year olds).