Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy bees...

So, we're nearing the end of a week full of doctors' appointments.

Tuesday, I had my 6 week OB follow-up. All clear! Yay! Another unnecessary (but appreciated) apology from Dr. Cannon, and Dr. Siegel got to meet Amelia, too!

Wednesday, Amelia had her first occupational therapy appointment at the Children's Memorial Hospital rehab facility in Westchester. Her therapist, Gina, was such a nice lady. She taught me some ways to get Amelia to use her right arm more... I am supposed to mimic her the movements of her left arm with her right arm. So, if she is lifting her left arm, lift her right arm; if she is chewing on her left hand, bring her right hand to her mouth. I need to get her to recognize her right arm more... one of the ways to do this is to stroke her face and touch her mouth with her right hand. I also need to focus on tummy time. Because she hasn't been able to do tummy time until now, its very important to make it a big part of her awake-time. 50% of her awake-time, to be exact! She hated it the first time, but has done well on my last few attempts. The girls accompanied me to the appointment and enjoyed playing on the physical therapy tools - mats, pillows, and other "gymnastic" type materials. Gina was so patient with the girls being in there and playing rowdy... I was very impressed.

Today, Amelia had her 1 month well-baby checkup with Dr. M (although she is 6 weeks TOMORROW!). She is 10lb 15oz! My big girl. She is now 22 3/4". Dr. M said she is perfect. I knew that... No shots this time!

So, we'll be doing therapy appointments biweekly at first. That may change following our appointment with the brachial plexus appoinment next week, but that's the plan for the time being. And we'll follow up with Dr. M in another 4 weeks (shots! OUCH!).

In the meantime, I need to also schedule dentist appointments for Russ, Abbi, Lexi and myself. I'm not going to embarrass myself and admit how long it was been... I also need to schedule an eye appoinment for myself... And did I mention I return to work next week?!

Things are picking up!! Summer has barely begun (technically, its not even summer yet) and I already feel overwhelmed, like I'm going to miss it!!!!

On a happier note, Amelia's personality has really begun to emerge. She is a sweet, sweet baby. Today she smiled and my heart almost exploded. Her eyes just light up and her whole face smiles. She loves to talk and coo...even when she's whining, its adorable. And she has so much energy...

I'm a lucky mom. That's for sure!!!!

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