Friday, May 22, 2009

Two weeks!

Amelia is two weeks old and I have to say, time is FLYING. We're doing well, though, settling into a schedule and establishing some good eating and sleeping habits. The girls love Amelia's alert times...when she looks around, sometimes looking at her sisters; hand in constant motion, grabbing at Abbi's hand or her shirt. Lexi loves to pet Amelia on the head, and both girls insist on giving smooches to Amelia before bed (sometimes forgetting me!!).

Although I was unable to take the newborn pictures I had envisioned, I have taken Amelia's newborn photos on two separate occasions, and they are now posted on my other blog. Each photo shoot had to be done quickly and carefully, followed by a dose of tylenol and an extra long nap.

I'm also hoping to finally shoot Lexi's 2nd birthday pictures soon. I'm just waiting for an evening when we have the time, and a clean kid, and the right amount of sunlight!! And of course, Miss Amelia has to cooperate so I'm not in the middle of a feeding...

So, check out the pics on my photography blog and keep an eye out for Lou's pics as well!!

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